timwithproductQ: Describe your company.

A: Tactical Walls is a new company that is offering solutions for firearms storage and access. Out of sight and hidden from those you do not want knowing. But quickly accessible in case you need to use them.

Q: What are your best selling products?

A: Probably our 1450 concealment bundle.

Q: Describe how it is made.

A: We employ various techniques in the manufacture of our products. From thermo-forming plastic, to CNC’d wood patterns, to cutting glass. There are many steps In each process. But we finish the final operations with human eyes and hands to ensure the last quality check before shipping to a customer.

Q: Why manufacture in America? 

A: We are located in the Shenandoah valley of Virginia. This is where we started. It started as an idea I thought people would like. I like knowing that I am putting or keeping neighbors, friends, and family’s in jobs. Family’s I can see at church, the little league field, or at the pizza shop.

Q: Favorite customer review? 2013-02-27 15.59.07

A: We just recently received the below letter:

Tim & Carrie,

You have a great product with good instructions!  The install was quick and easy, I love it.

Tim, I was impressed with the “fit and finish”!  Nice job!

I wish you all the success you can handle.

A very happy customer!

It was worth the wait!

Best regards,


PS – Thanks for the T-Shirt!

Q: Where can readers purchase your product?

A: Our website!

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