iPhone-suction-mount258x300Q: Describe your company.

A: Our Company has been in operation for three years. Our company was formed out of necessity. We wanted a product to fill our needs and there were none available. Our needs were to find another place for our GPS without losing the function of the unit. By having the GPS on the windshield or on the top of the dash, where many put it, creates a safety issue.

Q: What are your best selling products? Describe how it is made.

A: The product is made in the USA by injection molding. We can produce as many as needed in a very short time. Each item is inspected for quality.

Q: Why manufacture in America? Where are you located?

A: We choose to manufacture in America because we can see ensure that everything meets our standards. We love seeing the final product come together under our supervision and not by e-mailing and faxing someone overseas.

Q: Where can readers purchase your product?

A: Our website!

Mandi and I have tried this product. What we love the most is not only the safety aspect but that now we can keep our windshields clean. We have always hated that nasty suction ring that is left from sticking the GPS unit on the windshield. This product offers more than one solution!

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